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Steven Sherwin, D.C.
Advanced Chiropractic & Natural Holistic Healing

Dr. Sherwin is an expert at helping people to create optimal health and freedom from aches and pains through chiropractic care. What I like best about Dr. Steve, aside from his expertise and precise yet gentle adjustments, is his passion to empower his patients through simple explanations of how chiropractic care works, and how it can work for you.

- Mario H


About six months ago I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that he thought I had arthritis and he sent me to a rheumatologist who confirmed the diagnosis. After six months of treatment, which consisted of (1) periodic aspirating, draining the knees, and (2) injecting them with cortisone, as well as taking 2 to 3 Relafin 750 mg. pills a day, the pain was still there.

Dr. Sherwin found :

(1) I have food allergies to garlic, pork, and mushrooms. I stopped eating them and within one week the pain in my knees went away and has not returned.

(2) The chemicals that I have been working with in the pool service business had created a condition called chlorine gas toxicity. In the past two weeks he has had me detoxing these chemicals and as of today I'm taking no drugs of any kind and I'm pain-free.

Dr Sherwin is blessed with a talent. Call him.

- Richard W


I would like to thank you so very much for coming into my life and making such a difference. After years of psychotherapy, various 12-step programs, anti-depressants, exercise, etc, I still had that grey cloud hanging over me and was not happy. Your eclectic approach to healing, including N.E.T., has set me on the right path.

- Sharon C, MS, MSW


We had our first child and he had trouble breast feeding. At birth, our midwife noticed that he
couldn't stick out his tongue very far and tried to loosen his frenulum (the membrane that
attaches to the bottom of his tongue) by massaging it. After two weeks of struggling to breast feed 
our midwife suggested having his frenulum cut to allow him to extend his tongue out which would help 
him latch properly. We had an appointment with Dr. Sherwin for ourselves and mentioned what the 
midwife suggested for our son. He asked us if he could take a look at him and right away determined 
his 1st vertebra was out of alignment which was causing pain when he opened his mouth. Dr. Sherwin 
adjusted him and told us to try and breast feed later on that day. We tried later that night to breast
feed again and for the first time, our son latched and nursed successfully and hasn't had an issue 
since from that day forward. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Sherwin and rely on his expertise to 
help keep us all healthy. 

 -Lance, Ashley, & Rhett W.


After weeks of tossing and turning. I went to Dr. Sherwin. He spent time hearing my health concerns and adjusted me accordingly. He adjusts based on what is needed that day. Dr. Sherwin then suggested an herbal therapy. After one day of treatment I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. I have been feeling and sleeping better each day. I can't get over the quick improvement and am so grateful for his treatment.

- Jennifer B


Thank you for all your intuitive and insightful healing. My family and I (as well as all our friends) are happy to have found you.

- Brenda S


Thank you so much for everything. When I was very low and in the tunnel of darkness, you helped me find the light. You are truly a healer and great man. I'm very blessed to have you in my life.

- Cheryl W



 Dr. Steven Sherwin,  1725 B State St., Santa Barbara, CA

      (805) 682-2297


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