Dr. of Chiropractic in Santa Barbara
Steven Sherwin, D.C.
Advanced Chiropractic & Natural Holistic Healing
Alternative Medicine
Energetic Medicine Works.

Your body is a self healing, self regulating system that has the ability to heal itself of any disease if caught early enough. Using advanced diagnostic techniques that determine stressors which are negatively affecting your health, I am able to determine a strategy that will enable your body to function at a higher level and heal itself naturally.



 Dr. Steven Sherwin,  1725 B State St., Santa Barbara, CA

      (805) 682-2297


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Quality chiropractic care providing a wide array of chiropractic procedures and help with many issues including: Back pain, neck pain, subluxation lower back pain, back pain relief, low back pain, cause of lower back pain, healing back pain, exercise, back pain treatment. All of this available in our convenient chiropractic office in Santa Barbara, California.